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Olive Oil Wax | Container Candle Wax

Olive Oil Wax | Container Candle Wax

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All Natural Olive Oil Container Blend is a brand new container blend of all natural virgin olive oil and other natural quality ingredients.

  • Excellent color retention 
  • Excellent jar adhesion
  • Excellent Cold Throw and Hot Throw
  • Clean burning
  • Has smooth surface 
  • Burns cooler
  • No additives are required.


As with all natural products, blends can vary slightly from batch to batch.

*It may come in full slab and/or broken slab depending on availability. It will not affect quality of the wax.

Suggested FO load: 8%

Recommended Wick:

  1. CDN
  2. ECO
  3. Wooden Wick

With wooden wick, it may create sink hole. It is advisable that you do your own testing.


  • Melt wax until temperature is between 170-190F.
  • Add FO and dye (optional).
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Pour at around 160-180F.

Each batch of wax made will differ from FO/dye mixture. It is best to test candles to see what works best.

It contains minute amount of food grade paraffin. May need 48hr cure time. 24hr cure time works on some FO.

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